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Exercise your Faith through Fitness

Exercise your Faith through Fitness

People become stronger through hardships. We can develop proper spiritual and mental endurance when we apply our faith in fitness. Today, enhance your physical training and train your faith in the process. Then you will start to transform whom you need to be.

Living is Leading

Living is Leading

As we grow through life and understand our purpose. How we live will influence and impact others. In other words. The best way to lead is to lead by example in how you live and act daily. We are leaders, but we have to choose to take responsibility of our actions.

Main Goal for Fitness | L.I.F.E Faith & Fitness

Main Goal for Fitness

We have so many different types of goals especially when it comes to fitness. In the end, we will learn concepts. These are the same concepts God desires us to know, so we can perform at our highest level daily. Find out what those concepts are in this post.

Three Keys to Leading Like Jesus | L.I.F.E Faith & Fitness

Three Keys to Leading Like Jesus

Today, we are blessed to have Troy speak on leading like Jesus. Thank you Troy for your words of wisdom and encouragement. To see more about troy check out his page: www.troyismir.com/divine-wellness-academy

Challenges Challenge Change | L.I.F.E Faith & Fitness

Challenges Challenge Change

Today, we are blessed to have Brett speak on the importance of challenges in our life. These challenges push us to new heights. What challenges do you need to face today?

Physical Suffering builds Internal Satisfaction | L.I.F.E Faith & Fitness

Physical Suffering builds Satisfaction

We must endure hardships and trials in life. Luckily, each hardship that we endure builds us up physically, mentally, and spiritually. This results in character development, so test your character by going for a run today.

Perseverate and Perspirate | L.I.F.E Faith & Fitness

Perseverate and Perspirate

We can test our perseverance through perspiration. Sweating can be utilize as a physical sign to see how hard we work, but also remind us we are still alive.

2017: Year in Review | L.I.F.E Faith & Fitness

2017: Year in Review

Once we have the courage and faith to start. We will be able to ride that momentum toward our goals. In the end no matter what you decide it is the development of your character and faith along the way.

Time Under Tension | L.I.F.E Faith & Fitness

Time Under Tension

Life is time under tension. It is how we deal and handle tension that makes us into better individuals. The more tension we are under the stronger you will become.

Maze to Amaze | L.I.F.E Faith & Fitness

Maze to Amaze

Time and time again we feel we hit the same walls. Life is a maze, but it is meant to be amazing. Give God control and let Him guide you through your individual maze in life.

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