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Run and Walk for Wisdom | L.I.F.E Faith & Fitness

Run and Walk for Wisdom

When you have a lot on your mind go for a walk and run. Walk 10 min a day and start seeing things in life become easier to handle. Also, use that time to talk and walk with God.

World's Gym | L.I.F.E Faith & Fitness

World's Gym

Training outdoors can provide a lot of benefits from the sights, air, and feeling of freedom. Challenge yourself to get outdoors more frequently.

Functional Fitness and Faith | L.I.F.E Faith & Fitness

Functional Fitness and Faith

Functional is a word thrown around pretty easily and can be misunderstood. In the end, functional looks at the whole just like we are seen as a whole.

Power Comes through Meekness| L.I.F.E Faith & Fitness

Power comes through Meekness

Power comes from being loose and submissive. This allows energy to transfer through us easier. Then we can have the potential to perform at a higher level in life.

Find your FITT

Find your FITT

With numerous ways to workout we overlook general exercise adherence. Before we jump into any exercise routine. Find what works best for you then build off that.