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Embrace Grace

Embrace Grace

Most of the time we train or workout because of feelings of insecurity or a need to prove ourselves. This mindset chains us and we cannot run as free as we desire to be. A suffocation. Today, learn to embrace grace, so you can run your race at your own pace! Learn how to breathe in Grace to exhale Peace.

Fountain of Youth | L.I.F.E Faith & Fitness

Fountain of Youth

Life is not about how long we live, but how we maximize our lives daily. Our youthfulness is found within. The source of our youth comes from above. Reignite your youth and see how you can remain young.

Main Goal for Fitness | L.I.F.E Faith & Fitness

Main Goal for Fitness

We have so many different types of goals especially when it comes to fitness. In the end, we will learn concepts. These are the same concepts God desires us to know, so we can perform at our highest level daily. Find out what those concepts are in this post.

Heart Capacity | L.I.F.E Faith & Fitness

Heart Capacity

Our heart has the capacity for so much more. Find out what your heart is made for.

Forging Elite Faith | L.I.F.E Faith & Fitness

Forging Elite Faith

We all strive to be the elite of the elite in our lives. God calls us to be elite by forging our faith. Learn to truly trust God in all aspects of your life, so you can be the best of the best.

Physical Suffering builds Internal Satisfaction | L.I.F.E Faith & Fitness

Physical Suffering builds Satisfaction

We must endure hardships and trials in life. Luckily, each hardship that we endure builds us up physically, mentally, and spiritually. This results in character development, so test your character by going for a run today.

Just Another Hashtag? | L.I.F.E Faith & Fitness

Just Another Hashtag?

Today we are honored to have our third guest blog post from Respect Your Temple owner Thomas Morrison. They are a brand that promotes our body is a temple just like 1 Corinthians 6:19. Read and be encouraged. We are thankful and grateful to hear from others about their view on faith and fitness.

Champions in Christ | L.I.F.E Faith & Fitness

Champions in Christ

Our second guest blog post comes from Mike Priest. Read, share, and be encouraged.

2017: Year in Review | L.I.F.E Faith & Fitness

2017: Year in Review

Once we have the courage and faith to start. We will be able to ride that momentum toward our goals. In the end no matter what you decide it is the development of your character and faith along the way.

Furnish Within | L.I.F.E Faith & Fitness

Furnish Within

It is important to be fired up about your passions. This fire pushes us through any difficulties with face, but it is also important to regain a fire we lost. Whatever you are passionate about. Keep the flame thriving.

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