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What We Build

Perception awareness through life lessons learned by adversity & failure |with
the purpose of success in all facets of L.I.F.E!

L.I.F.E's Purpose

The development of personal fitness goals using the S.M.A.R.T and F.I.T.T principle to correlate with your career & professional leadership growth.

Creating Environments for Success

L.I.F.E. aspires to see opportunity in any environment to challenge oneself for personal growth.

A Holistic Appraoch

We strive for a healthy lifestyle with Temple Training (Mind, Body, Spirit) and a sense of purpose.

A Positive Outlook

We are here to help you battle depression and negative self talk through positive perception awareness.


Our Values

As your teammates for growth, we value:

  • Faith

    It all starts with faith. Our program covers all aspects of life from body to mind to spirit.

  • Fitness

    We develop fitness plans leveraging outdoor environments along with bodyweight workouts, basic recovery, & basic nutrition.

  • Community

    Connect through the L.I.F.E. Blog & Social Media to further the conversation & take your next step!







Living Inspiration for Everyone

We strive to live by value, learn by experience, and lead by example. Our ultimate goal: behavioral change (transformation) through temple training.

  • Motivation
  • Goal Setting
  • Intensity
  • Wellness
  • Adversity
  • Social Support
  • Passion & Values
  • Courage
  • Legacy (Big Picture)
  • Failure

L.I.F.E Faith & Fitness Blog

Exercise your Faith through Fitness

Exercise your Faith through Fitness

People become stronger through hardships. We can develop proper spiritual and mental endurance when we apply our faith in fitness. Today, enhance your physical training and train your faith in the process. Then you will start to transform whom you need to be.

Commissioning | L.I.F.E Faith & Fitness


We all have a purpose. Our purpose is to receive and recognize it daily. As Christians we commissioned into the greatest family of warriors. Today, live out your mission in your daily life.

Embrace Grace

Embrace Grace

Most of the time we train or workout because of feelings of insecurity or a need to prove ourselves. This mindset chains us and we cannot run as free as we desire to be. A suffocation. Today, learn to embrace grace, so you can run your race at your own pace! Learn how to breathe in Grace to exhale Peace.

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