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Faith and Fitness Initiatives

Faith & Fitness Initiatives

To get us moving for the right reasons & to see more than just physical benefits

Faith & Fitness


Unlocking the mental & spiritual benefits of fitness


Walk For Wisdom

"Walk with the wise and become wise; associate with fools and get in trouble." Proverbs 13:20 NLT

Walking is important and we all know about the 10,000 steps a day we should aim for. As you walk take that time to be with God. Walk in the Spirit and speak with him. Sometimes just listen as you walk. Walking will activate your body and brain more and over time thoughts will just pour into you. Record them. If you feel like sharing your thoughts post on social medial using #walk4wisdom.


Run For Rejuvination

“Instead, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes.” Ephesians 4:23 NLT

See running as a way to become clear headed not just physical exercise. Once you run you will be able to think clearly. This is a time to become mindful over your surroundings and be in the present moment. As you run record thoughts and wisdom for yourself. If you feel like sharing your thoughts post on social medial using #run4rejuvenation.


Pray & Plank

When it comes to praying we must humble ourselves before God. When you perform a plank you are already on the ground. In between planks place your knees on the ground and pray to our Almighty Father in Heaven. Then you can be strengthen your core physically and mentally when planking. Gain spiritual strength through prayer. For examples of prayer, see our Power Lifting post.

Start planking for 20 seconds then superset that with 20 seconds of prayer. We all need to start small, but starting is big for all of us. Over time build up to a 1 min plank or even a 2 min plank. Superset that with prayer to keep going and feel encouragement.


Performance Play

Training can become stagnant overtime and lead to burnout. Sustainability is important as we grow in life. Sometimes we lose interest and forget why we started in the first place. God wants us to remain childlike and playful, so turn your workouts into play.


  • 1) Monkey bars in the park
  • 2) Running up and down a hill various ways
  • 3) Running trails just like you were as a kid
  • 4) Grab a medicine ball and play catch with yourself
  • 5) Picking up a kettlebell and just swinging it various of ways
The idea is to play and take less stress of the mind. Then we have more enjoyment. Stay tuned for example of Play workouts on our social media pages under #performanceplay

Social Life

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Take the #lifesilhouette challenge & post a photo of your best adventure, fitness, or lifestyle silhouette.
Inspire others to see life as an adventure & live their life to the fullest.

(To capture a sillhouette, focus & expose your camera to a background that is brighter than you are. This is how you can acheieve the shadowy/silouhette look.)

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