August 6, 2018

2017: Year in Review

Brent Hardy

        “A year from now you will wish you started.” We hear this often and it’s a way to motivate us to get going. The thing is life is all about getting started. Then we must find a way to maintain that momentum. Failure comes along and we will have to start again which can be difficult if we begin for the wrong reasons. I’d say start again. Never give up regardless of the circumstances. This blog is a great example of starting. I felt a variety of emotions to start a blog and a potential brand for a lifestyle to drive behavior through Christ. 

        Yes, I dealt with the same negative thoughts as you. What would people think? Will anyone even care? What if I’m not good enough? Those thoughts just keep us from getting started. Once we are going it’s easy to maintain the momentum. My challenge to you is to just start in 2018. Whatever you decide to do for your goals or implement just start. We are effort based beings and we feel better as long as we start. Avoid comparison and negative self toxic thoughts along the way. Replace that mindset with the Word of God to fuel you through battles.

        This year has been a blessing and God has moved to share encouraging words to me. Below is a list of quotes I have come across from running and adventuring:

1) Motives Mobilize 

2) Your purpose is greater than your pain 

 3) Breathe into your dream. Dreams are not dead all you have to do is breathe life into it. 

4) Persistently and patiently pursue your purpose 

5) Live above your feelings 

 6) Truly living is taking just one step outside your comfort zone into the confront zone 

7) To be someone you never been before you have to do things you never done before. 

 8) Grab a hand full of Grit, don’t quit, and get after it. 

 9) Faith in Action is Satisfaction to God 

10) Inhale Grace Exhale Peace

        These quotes helped fuel me forward and strengthen my faith. Another accomplishment this year were blog posts. I believe each and every one of them have great wisdom, but the blog I feel most encouragement from is Power Lifting. This blog really help guides us to tap into God’s power through prayer and lifting our hands to him. Prayer will transform your life and the prayer in that blog is a great way to start. If you don’t believe it. Add prayer to your new behavior in the new year. 

        Thank you all for reading as I post from time to time. Each blog comes from the heart and I believe God would want others to know how I see. I pray that 2018 will be the best year yet for you. That you will see yourself the way God see's you physically, mentally, and spiritually. That you actually see the progress you’ve been wanting to see. Remember, there is a process to progress. When it comes to goals it all boils down to our character, values and beliefs. I believe once you allow God to take the wheel you will notice a huge difference in every area of your life. If you wonder how you can allow God to take the wheel check out the belief page and see what we are all about. Also, learn how to make a conscious personal decision that will change your life for the better. I’m not inventing the wheel. I just point who is driving the wheel and who you should allow to drive (Jesus). Remember, it’s not new year new you. It’s new year real you. Happy New Year!

  • Just Start
  • Know your WHY
  • Continual Character Development


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Once we have the courage and faith to start. We will be able to ride that momentum toward our goals. In the end no matter what you decide it is the development of your character and faith along the way.

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