August 6, 2018

All In

Brent Hardy

        Before the United States Naval Academy football team goes onto the field. They hit a sign above the door saying “All-In.” This is mindset for laser focus and eyes on one thing. Maximum Effort. Have you ever been all-in? Left it all out there for your job, sport, hobby? Or physical exercise training? When it comes to pursuing passion and goals we typically like to be half in and half out.

        Typically, we hold ourselves back and are partially-in There are times we would love to devote all our time to it but get distracted or pulled away from something else. There are times when it is a negative bondage or disbelief to go all in. We say to ourselves “is it worth my all?” I challenge you to see life differently and just go “all in.” Give it your all. Put everything you got into your goal and passion. No more holding yourself back with doubt or partial effort. You will see much more progress and have no regrets since you gave it your all. I challenge you with a mindset to be all in today. Let any fear of failure of going all-in be erased and replaced with faith.

    And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength. Mark 12:30 

        Our faith has to be all in as well. Avoid disbelief or questioning too much. I admit there are times I will be partially in as well. The truth is we have a resource of faith to fuel us through disbelief. Imagine if you gave your all to God?! And all He wants is us completely and whole fully. You are worth so much to God, so why not just give it your all? Today, give it your all and be all in. Give God all your heart, your soul, mind, and all your strength physically. Then take that same mindset into your passion and goals. This will allow you to trust the process, believe, establish resilient work effort, and know God will be there with you step by step. When we give it our all and regardless of the outcome we feel accomplished. Live with no regrets and give it your all in whatever you do, so you can look back and say “I did everything.”  

Faith to fuel through            

Be All-In    

Extra L.I.F.E Lesson: apply the All-In principle with your marriage, family, friends, local community outreach, and create a real impact.



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