April 17, 2019

Bridging The Gap

Brent Hardy

In the past physical therapy and performance have been separate. Today, physical therapy and performance are integrating in facilities and training philosophies around the world. Bridging the gap between physical therapy, with the focus on rehabilitation, and performance has been the best way to get someone back onto their feet to perform for their sport or job without missing a beat.

The whole mindset to ‘bridging the gap’ is incorporating rehabilitation exercises along with performance training (specific loads at various speeds) for optimal physical development to get them back to sport or life. This process is to fix any movement compensations and push the training threshold at the same time. The clinician and coach realize they still need to restore specific range of motion and hit certain markers before going back to full throttle training. This will challenge the client with the avoidance of training with poor functional quality. In the end, athletes and clients can restore proper functional movement plus make strides in performance to take them to a higher level.

God is all about ‘bridging the gap’ for us as well. He wants us to perform at our highest level but knows there is pain in our lives that needs to be rehabilitated. What is that gap between God and us? That pain and gap is ‘sin’. Sin creates a separation between us and God. Sin causes us to stumble and ultimately be separated from God. Jesus Christ bridges that gap between sin and God. When we accept Jesus into our lives and make Him our Savior, we can address our sins, repent of our sins, and be saved. The cross is a literal bridge that fits between the gap and allows us to cross over.

Once we chose to fill our specific gaps with the cross then we can perform at a higher level in life. We will have the endurance to grow and realize that God has always been there for us in the first place. You are worth it to Him. You may feel that your pain is too much. You might feel that you are not able to be cleaned. The truth is that Jesus took the full punishment of sin which is eternal death and complete separation from God. Jesus lived a sinless life for you because He loves you want wants you to be saved. Jesus has gone through the same testing we all face in life and did not sin. Three days later after his death Jesus rose again and that’s why we call Him Lord. If you do not know Jesus accept Him today as your Lord and Savior. How do you do that you might ask? It is simple.

All you have to do is confess with your mouth that you need Him and ask for forgiveness of your sins. Say “Jesus, I need you. Please forgive me of my sins and I accept you as my savior. Amen.” This will bring true and complete healing to your physical body and soul. The cross will fill the chasm between you and God. When you accept Jesus as Lord you will have everlasting life and will be able to live life here on earth to the fullest because of Jesus. Pain might still be present, but we can cast those cares to Him continually.

Maybe you know Jesus but still stumble and occasionally reinjure yourselves. Allow Jesus to rehabilitate you and heal your pain you are currently in. Remove anything in your life that easily trips you up. The best way to picture this is to see yourself trying to run with your shorts around your ankles. You won’t get far. The fall will also hurt but once you remove them then you can run far and fast. When we remove sin that entangles the more, we will be able to persevere in life.  Then you will gain strength and be able to build your endurance in all areas to your life to perform.

If you read this blog and made that decision to give your life to Jesus please let us know! Or desire to know more please check out our belief page.


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