August 6, 2018

Champions in Christ


Today we are blessed to have our second guest blog post by Mike Priest (to know more about Mike check out his mini bio on our facebook and instagram pages @l.i.f.e_fitness). 

Q: Mike, when you hear the words faith and fitness. What does that mean to you?

A: “To me faith and fitness goes almost hand in hand. There are great many similarities between the two. When you work correctly in the gym you make the ever popular “gains” almost on a daily basis whether they are small or big. Same goes with faith. Personally, when I read the Bible, actually talk to God,  fellowship, and spread the good news I make gains daily. I feel I am closer to God and closer to living a godly life. Sure I slip and fall. There are times  I don’t feel like going to the gym or I feel too tired to read the good book. But I then realize even a poor workout is still a workout. I’m still moving forward. If I  watch tv I realize I’m numbing my brain rather than sharpening my soul so I read instead. To me being an athlete is all about moving and pressing forward. The exact same can be said about me being a Christian. It’s all about moving forward, reading and interpreting a new scripture. Faith and fitness go hand in hand. After all. If I am unfit physically or unfit spiritually I’m not living as god wants me to live. Also, I want to add a powerful phrase that came to me. Champions are made when no one is looking. Same goes in Christ. Champions in Christ are made when no one is looking. That is real integrity.” 

Q: Mike, what verse usually powers you through to train for a godly life and what does it mean to you?

A: “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” This one means everything to me. It’s my motto and verse to live by. Take fear completely out of your day to day vocabulary. Do not fear anything. Rejection, the unknown, uncertainty or people. God has a plan and he has your back. He gave us a spirit of power. NOT power over anyone but power to command ourselves. Power to live our own lives without fear. To love. Love each other like it’s the last time we will see them. Do righteous acts and help each other without fear or rejection or persecution. Have self-discipline to not give into humanly feelings of greed, anger, temptation, or self-pitty. Also, be disciplined enough to forgive and let go of wrong doings of those you love. 

Mike, thank you for your time and wisdom! My hope is this post will relate to others and push them towards a faith driven life. Thank you for being a living inspiration for everyone by living by value, learning by experience, and leading by example. 

  • Champions in Christ are made when no one is looking 
  • Remove Fear 


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Our second guest blog post comes from Mike Priest. Read, share, and be encouraged.

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