August 6, 2018

Find your FITT

Brent Hardy

     The 2017 CrossFit games are coming up. These are the top 40 fittest men and women around. It’s amazing to see what they can do and see how their training pays off. Similar to crossfit there are numerous others ways to train such as bodybuilding, strongman, powerlifting, functional weight training, olympic weightlifting, marathon running, tri athlete, swimmer, average runner, circuit workouts, group fitness classes, and the list goes on.  We look at all of these and get overwhelmed or feel we have to be in one of these categories. My coworker has an aunt who leads a jazzercise class. Woman in there are loving it because they are losing weight, surrounded by good community, and they feel good. That is the key to finding your fit. Find what works best. Does it make you feel good and are you getting the results you desire? Then make sure to stick with it. Exercise adherence is the most critical part cause collectively we get impatient, myself included.  Whatever you do stick with it for at least 4 weeks to see a change. For most, it might just be as simple as a walking program or even playing games with friends. Or, set a 10-20 min timer to perform workout of choice or a workout circuit with 4-5 exercises. In the end, find what works best for you. Find your fit. Make sure the type of training doesn’t put you in a position to seriously injury yourself, but its a type of training you can still adapt and put forth a good intensity. Training boils down to the F.I.T.T principle: 

Frequency (how many days per week or once per month) 

Intensity (1-10 scale of Rate of Perceived Exertion) 

Type (type of activity i.e  weight lifting, walking, etc)  

Time (duration i.e. 10 min to an hour) 

     Now, if you have any specific desire to train in crossfit, strongman, olympic lifting, or marathon running. Make sure to build a solid foundation of strength first. Train to be human. This is the one area overlooked when it comes to working out. We need to push and pull something with our lower and upper body (such as squatting and pressing). As well as have basic core stabilization and postural control. That’s the foundation to any exercise prior to specific training that will funnel towards more skilled exercises. No matter what you desire to do. Find what works best for you, get proper guidance, and just move. 

    Find what works best for you Consistent and Varied Intensity

    Make it Fun - Compete with yourself Stick with It for 4 weeks by staying F.I.T.T and get after it


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With numerous ways to workout we overlook general exercise adherence. Before we jump into any exercise routine. Find what works best for you then build off that.

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