August 6, 2018

In the Making

Brent Hardy

      Have you ever wonder if you reached the top of your game? Or you have yet to begin and feel like you are not capable to begin? We truly never reach a point that says “I made it.” We truly get to a point saying “I’m here now, so I am going to see this as an opportunity to develop.” Life is not just about the destination, but progress through persistence. People typically post or share what they have accomplish or what they are starting. We rarely see the process and how someone gets to their specific end goal. It is all about continuous improvement and trying to be better than we were yesterday.

Stand firm, and you will win life. Luke 21:19

        You are constantly in the making, right now. You are always learning something new or seeing it in a different perspective. It is a constant development. Your brain is constantly downloading and interpreting the experiences around you. Your brain is adapting to the experiences around you. You learn through the failures you go through and learn on your successes on your journey.

        God is developing your brain and you along the way. His desire is to build consistent character development, so you can remain persistent by standing firm. This develops your purpose further and transforms you into whom you need to be. How can you recognize that you are in the making? Just by living every day life and seeing this day as an opportunity to get slightly better. In other words you can read a book, do not quit, pick up a exercise routine, and love more. The more you love yourself will influence how you love on others which will develop your character. You will have more compassion and be able to give advice for others.  

        Action steps for development. Pick up a book or reread a favorite book. Start to plank and walking program. Take the next step in your overall training. Start cooking more. Finally, start loving more. Share love and encourage love in Jesus name. Get ready, the best is yet to come. You have not hit the road block just yet. You can start and begin again. All you have to do is see today as an opportunity and know you are in the making. The road does not end here. Press on because what you are going through is making you into the person you need to be. Stand firm.  

  • Progress over Perfection
  • Continuous Character Improvement


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It is easy to get caught up in others accomplishment, but we have to remember everyone goes through a process. Everyone is in the making and it doesn't matter when you start. The key is to remain persistent once you begin again.

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