January 21, 2020

Mission Minded

Brent Hardy

When it comes to goal setting there are several ways to go about it. It really boils down to what works for you overall, but the key is consistency which builds your resiliency. Goal setting follows the human learning process. We are creatures of habit and the more we chose a specific behavior the easier it will be to execute and perform. The best way to learn for most individuals is to listen, write it down, think about it, and act on it. In the end, you want to make your goal(s) to become a part of your lifestyle. The best way to optimize production is to intertwine them with your daily life and routine. This will allow you to work on it with more consistency and feel a sense of accomplishment. Take a moment to look at your routine and maximize your calendar. The issue is never the goal but our ability to consistently and routinely strive after it daily, weekly or monthly. If you read our prior post make sure about putting God in the mix. Make sure that you pray throughout each step as you plan and prepare

Here is a sample path below (you might have a different way but either way execution is crucial):

1) Discover- Dig deep and find what you really want. This is the excavation process to find your ‘why’ for doing what you want to do. Dare to dream big and believe big.

2) Describe- Write as much details as possible when it comes to this goal or multiple. The more you write down the more it will come to life. This is how you elevate what you excavate.

3) Delay- This is not a part of the process, but a big area to be aware of. You will need to find and identify any thing that will distract you during the process, so you can attack it.  

4) Diligent- Take your time because it will take time. Get your details into a step by step process or a game plan. This is an important preparation and execution phase. Remember, each step during this process is important. It builds your character.

5) Determine- Take on a persistent mindset and keep a strong focus forward. There will be times you will want to give up. In those moments keep your head up. If your ‘why’ is strong enough then you will be able to overcome.

When it comes to goal setting, we must have diligence and persistence. Taking on this process will help you see progress. As humans we find joy in the journey not just the destination. You might find you are capable of more with the time you have and can maximize more of your time. Our schedule can allow more room to take on tasks that bring you enjoyment.

Maybe you are in a season of constant struggle with goals and have done everything. You might find you are better off establishing a mission and vision statement for your life instead. This will empower you to know what to say yes and no too. This will be your guide and give your more focus on your purpose each day. Then establish values that are concrete unlike feelings. Remember we can utilize feelings to our advantage, but they are fleeting. Establishing a vision, mission, and values will help you make strides after goals you set.

1) Mission Statement: Think today’s forecast and what can get done today.

2) Vision Statement: Think future forecast and what the ultimate destination is to strive for.

3) Values to Live by: Personal standards and foundation (check out our Aspire to Inspire post)

My mission: to Pave a path for others to achieve greatly in Jesus name

My vision: That everyone will realize their true potential within them through the power of Jesus Christ and be transformed into the person they were called to be.

Values I live by: Strength, Courage, Persistence, & Endurance  

Bible Verse: ‘So I run with purpose in every step. I am not just shadowboxing.’ 1 Corinthians 9:26 NLT

You should see your life similar to a personal business or brand when it comes to goal setting. It will help you maintain focus and determination when times get difficult. Take the time this new year to write out all you desires & dig deep. Get a journal and put it in front of you daily. Take time to excavate, elevate, then elaborate. Lastly, find a bible verse that empowers you to act. Then come up with an action phrase to get you going. What I am going to say for 2019 for me is the phrase “Run with Purpose.” No matter what I do it will propel me to be purposeful and meaningful each day. Lastly, when it comes to setting goals, people think it must be fitness related. It doesn’t have to be, but fitness is about improving you! You are capable so why not improve your body and keep yourself in peak shape to live life to the fullest. Our ability to steward our bodies will give us more energy, stamina, strength, and endurance to take on tasks we face. If you are aiming for fitness related goals and need guidance check out our Faith & Fitness Initiatives page.

-Consistency builds Resiliency

-Diligence and Persistence to Achieve

-Establish a personal Mission, Vision, and Values

-Excavate, Elevate, and Elaborate


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When it comes to goal setting there is a process, but maybe it is time to establish more meaning with a mission instead of a particular goal. Go into the new year with more preparation to increase your motivation.

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