August 6, 2018

Passion is Made Up Of

Brent Hardy

        We are all passionate about something. That can be our job, hobbies, training, or anything. We see it as a daily high priority to pursue it. Have you ever been so passionate about something that you would do whatever it takes to achieve it? Passion is defined as “intense desire or enthusiasm for something.” Constantly, people discuss what they are passionate about, but rarely discuss what passion takes. Passion is made from your blood, sweat, and tears. When you are passionate about anything you will have to put in work, sacrifice, extra time, and be persistent when hardships come up. You have to believe in your passion so much to drive you through obstacles you never thought you would get past. Ask yourself, what is your passion? Are you willing to do whatever it takes (blood, sweat, and tears) to make it happen?

        There is Good News. There is a person that has passion for you. He literally shed his blood, sweat, and tears for you. That is Jesus Christ. His passion was people which includes you. He was seen sweating and crying for us when he had to carry the cross.

He prayed more fervently, and he was in such agony of spirit that his sweat fell to the ground like great drops of blood. Luke 22:44

        He bled for us and because of his blood it literally cleanses us from our sin and makes us brand new. He loves you so much that he sacrifice himself, so you can be made right with God and with God anything is possible. I say this, so you can use His power to fuel your passion. Use His hope to keep you going and His love to pick you up when you fall.

        God is passionate about you and believes in you that’s why he sent Jesus for us. Whatever you are passionate about put all you have into it especially if you believe in it! Figure out what your passions are and what ignites a desire in your soul to seek it through. Make sure you are willing to bled for it (literally or figuratively), sweat, and tear over it. Passion drives us to impact lives and ourselves.

  •    Passion is made up of blood, sweat, and tears    
  •    Passion drives us    
  •    Passion is something greater than yourself    


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