August 6, 2018

Perseverate and Perspirate

Brent Hardy

        Life is about overcoming adversity through perseverance. Our ability to keep going when odds are against us. Unfortunately, it is hard to measure our perseverance physically. Perspiration is define as the process of sweating. Sweat is the physical by product of a internal decision to push ourselves, give it our all, to finish strong, and to persevere. Yes, there could be some possible hydration issues, but the point is to not train and go through the motions. There comes a point when we have to see ourselves sweat. Of course there are times we are worn out, so just make sure to listen to your body.            

         One thing I personally and strongly believe is that fitness is not supposed to be pretty. We can wear the nice shoes, hats, and headphones. In the long run we are meant to get and grit after it. My goal at the end of every workout is to end with a sweat session. This is a great lesson that we can adapt for life because there are times we will have to sweat for what we believe in. A great quote for a successful mindset is: “Patience, persistence, and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success” (Napoleon Hill). I love this quote because it speaks how we need to understand the process, but work hard and overcome along the way. 

He prayed more fervently, and he was in such agony of spirit that his sweat fell to the ground like great drops of blood. Luke 22:44   

         When it comes to our faith it is important to know that Jesus himself sweat often. There were times when he would sweat so much it would come out like drops of blood. I picture Jesus here on his knees before the Father asking for strength. Then He gets back up again for the next round and persevere. Jesus frequently was sweating for what he believes in which is God the Father and us. This is a huge example how we should sweat often in the gym and in daily life. Fitness is not supposed to be pretty it’s supposed to be sweaty. We should look exhausted and worn down, but hold a strong sense of accomplishment. Daily life can be seen in the same way. Many times we get into a routine and we start to go through the motions. Sometimes we just lift and run through the motions. Never really testing ourselves and pushing us just slightly further than before.           

         Get slightly uncomfortable in your training. Throw in some Tabata and chose any movement or equipment of choice. Make this a grit session and see what you are made of. Maybe finish your workout with a CrossFit WOD or begin CrossFit if you have felt stagnant in your current training.            

         Get slightly uncomfortable and just sweat. Then when you come across a trial in the workplace or daily life you will be able to take it on with work ethic and a perseverate attitude. Do you sweat for what you believe in?  Fitness Finisher examples:   

1) Jump Rope  

2) Kettlebell Swings  

3) Burpees  

4) Sprints/Versa Climber  

5) Rower/Stationary Bike OR Combine 3-5 exercises into a circuit for 2-3 rounds 

  •    Jesus sweats for what he believes in    


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We can test our perseverance through perspiration. Sweating can be utilize as a physical sign to see how hard we work, but also remind us we are still alive.

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