August 6, 2018

Physical Suffering builds Satisfaction

Brent Hardy

            I enjoy running 5k races. Anyone of any fitness level can join and compete with themselves as well as have fun. This past Thanksgiving I ran a Turkey Trot 5k race. It was great to see people of all fitness levels there enjoying time with their families. The best part was the finish line. I stood there and kept watching people finish. A majority were spent and out of breath. You can see the sweat dripping off their heads. As each individual would cross the finish line you can see a smile of satisfaction and accomplishment.               

            Running is one of the best ways to test and build up your character through temporary physical suffering no matter your fitness level. As hard as it is to hear, but we must endure suffering and hardships. This is a part of life, but you are capable to endure those hardships and the results will benefit in the long run. The bible says:         

 "Endure suffering along with me as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.” 2 Tim 2:3            

“And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation.” Romans 5:4            

           Running builds physical, mental, and spiritual endurance. This endurance builds our strength of character which cultivates courage to keep us going. We can only run so far naturally, then we must willfully push ourselves, and finally have to pray fully finish. Life is a series of endurance races. Each race teaches and builds our character along the way, so we can be the person we are meant to be. Whatever race comes your way it might seem difficult at first, but the journey is worth it. As long as you recognize that temporary physical suffering will lead to internal satisfaction.

           When we finish a race we immediately have internal satisfaction that brings us pure joy. It is a satisfaction of giving our best when we face a challenge. This mindset challenges us to give our all regardless of the results. Take that same mindset and apply it to your life. Ask yourself, "am I willing to give my all and push myself further?" 

          I’ll conclude with this final thought. As each person would cross the finish line each of their names were pronounced. This is the exact same thing that will happen once we reach Heaven. Our names are announced for all to hear from the Book of Life. That announcement means we endured physical suffering on earth then received the ultimate reward of eternal satisfaction in Heaven. 

           Test yourself and build your character. Sign up or go for a run. Maybe take on the next challenge with a half marathon, full, or Ironman. Know that each and every challenge that you face will cultivate character development, which helps you deal with daily hardships as they come

. •Naturally -> Willfully-> Prayfully  •Suffering leads to satisfaction  


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We must endure hardships and trials in life. Luckily, each hardship that we endure builds us up physically, mentally, and spiritually. This results in character development, so test your character by going for a run today.

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