August 6, 2018

Poor me to Pour Me

Brent Hardy

     A negative mindset is natural. There is good and evil in this world. Same with negative and positive thoughts. Its when the thoughts consume us and we act accordingly to the negative thoughts we tell ourselves. Eventually, these negative phrases we repeat will cue pain in the brain. We will then act in a way we will eventually regret and hold ourselves back. This results into a “poor me” attitude. The focus shifts to ourselves, defeat, worthlessness, and insecure.

     There is a bright side which is a purposeful side. That is a “Pour Me” attitude. That is taking the Word of God and speaking life to yourself as well as others. 'Me' in this context is Jesus. Pour Jesus in your mind and to others. Pour his words, his favor, his grace, forgiveness, hope and overall character. When you start to have a poor me attitude shift to a pour me.

Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. Philippians 4:8

     This verse provides mental clarity. Fix you thoughts on what is true, good, right, etc. Instead of fixing thoughts on disbelief, anger, and frustration. I want you all to know that Pouring Jesus onto yourself and others will immediately lift your spirits. It is easy to get down and stay down, but it is also possible to get back up. Falling down is inevitable. It will happen to everyone.

     Getting back up is the harder choice and where your strength is revealed. Also, know you don’t always have to actually pour the name of Jesus, but be Christ-like in your character, how you act, react, love, motivate, and serve others. Remember your actions speak louder than words, but words will be impactful so be conscious of what you say. Then when someone asks why are you so positive, encouraging, and helpful during trialing times. Give them your reason and why. 

Action Step: Find a quote or bible verse to say to yourself (Battle verse or quote). Write it and recite it.

  • Pour Hope
  • Pour Encouragement
  • Pour Jesus


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