August 6, 2018

Power comes through Meekness

Brent Hardy

It is amazing what athletes can do. In particular, the acrobatics and explosiveness they can demonstrate. Everyone gets to see most of these amazing athletic feats when the woman's gymnastics are on at the Olympics. Other sports such as football, baseball, olympic weightlifting, and track also show athletes propelling themselves effectively and explosively. 

This explosiveness comes from power stored within them and their ability to transfer it throughout their body. Plyometrics utilizes strength and power together. My brother is a hammer and weight thrower. These are massive men  (which my brother is not that massive) who twirl around and throw a hammer or weight as far as possible. These guys are super strong, but they also need to be powerful by transferring force throughout their body and not be so tense. If they are tense it will be difficult to transfer energy through them.

Think of yourself like a whip. A whip is powerful, but its submissive at first. Water is also submissive, but when stirred it is a powerful force. When the whip is used it shows energy being transferred to the end to hear the “crack.” Same as the waves come crashing into the shoreline. Power is described as transferable energy. When it comes to being powerful we have to be loose. Not tense physically or mentally. That tension will freeze us up and can hinder what we are capable of. Be loose, submissive, and it will be easier to transfer power through you. God wants to use you for His purpose, which is for good. It is difficult for us to be used if we have to much internal tension and tighten up frequently. If you are submissive and seek to be meek then you will be able to have His power transfer through you easier. 

Matthew 5:5 “blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.”

There is power within you and it's meant to transfer through you. You are capable of way more than you can imagine. Seek to be meek, submissive, and under control then you will have the power to get through any situation.     

-Power is strength under control    

-Seek to be Meek (loose and submissive)  

 Fitness Plyometrics:     

-Jump Rope     

-Jumping Jacks     

-Jump Squats (vertical jump)     

-Broad Jumps     

-Split Squat Jumps   

-Plyo Push-Ups (flat or incline)     

-Single Leg Bound (one leg to the other)   

-Single Leg Hop (jump and land same leg)    

-Box jumps and Depth Jumps      

-Med Ball slams and chest passes   

-Med Ball overhead throws  *Look into the exercises and perform those you feel comfortable with. Add some of these before running. 


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Power comes from being loose and submissive. This allows energy to transfer through us easier. Then we can have the potential to perform at a higher level in life.

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