August 6, 2018

Presence is a Present

Brent Hardy

     All my life, I played baseball. It was my identity, personality, and purpose. I love the game because it taught me so much about life as does any sport or hobby. My best memories of the game are actually not the games I played well. They were the games when I had the best comebacks and struggles. Those games developed me into the man I man today. When I was a sophomore in junior college I struggled on the mound and couldn’t throw well. I hit a mental block and lost all self-confidence that went into my personal life. That year taught me so much, but it also brought to my attention about my parents. I noticed how they were always there for me at my games. Even in high school they would come to every game. My dad is an airline pilot and would schedule his off time around my games. He was intentional. My mother would cheer me on regardless if I played or not (yes, she's the loud one). They were always present for me. Since they were present they could be there to support me for both my down and up moments. They were there to lift me up when I struggled. They provide wisdom, encouragement, and spoke life over me to never give up.

     Are you present? We get caught up in life and the next moment it will slip away. The biggest gift you can give anyone is presence. Your present is presence for others. I will never forget my parents continual actions to come to games. Sacrificing their time for me. Remember baseball games are pretty long. I challenge you to be present in someone’s life. Regardless if everything is going well or if they are in a valley of depression.

     People are inspired by actions and the greatest action you can do is be present. In our youth ministry, our biggest code is 'Be Present.' Eventually, that person will open up. Ask you for advice and look up to you cause they know you are there for them. Presence is the biggest leadership/mentoring act you can ever do. Also, you do not even have to say a word because actions speak louder than words. Right now there is someone who is present for you. Reach out to them and be thankful for them.  

     Jesus is also there for you. He is always present. I like to say Jesus is a gentleman, which he is. He is right behind you. Waiting for you to look to Him and ask for advice. He is waiting patiently for you to turn to Him. To say, “Jesus, please help me with this situation or thoughts that I have.” He is right there on the sideline. Cheering you on. He is there for you in the valley of oppression and with you on the mountain of celebration. 

Psalms 23:4 “Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me. Your rod and your staff protect and comfort me.

     He might of even helped you out with a situation without you knowing it. Learn to trust and believe in Him because He believes in you. His presence is eternal. Realize, your presence is a present for someone. Presence comforts people and strengthens them to keep going regardless of failures, defeat, or troubling times.

  •    Your presence is a present    
  •    Be there      

If you don’t know Jesus check out our belief page. If it wasn’t for my mental lapse and depression mindset this blog never would of been. I learned to see the positive and best in situations. I know numerous people deal with mental chains. Everyday is a struggle, but worth living for.  


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The way to lead is to be present. It is simple and easy. Being present speaks louder than any words or advice we say. Be present for someone today.

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