August 6, 2018

Strengthen Your Core

Brent Hardy

        Several months ago I hurt my back deadlifting. It was on the last rep with moderate weight, but after several sets and reps my body was worn out. Last thing I knew, my back seized up. Rest of the day I seemed to be alright. I got home to lay down for a bit. Then I couldn’t get back up. I had to roll onto the floor and do a bear crawl around the house. Seriously, worst back pain I was ever in. Each attempt to get up I felt like I was lifting a refrigerator off my back. Obviously, I had a slip disk. In that moment of pain I prayed intensely. It didn’t stop me from believing God and spending time with Him. Over the next couple days while reading the Bible I heard a pop and it was my spine realigning back in place while I was in a prone press up position. I bring this up, because I neglected my core strength and stamina. I got away from the basics.

Keep watch and pray, so that you will not give in to temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak! Matthew 26:41

        Same goes with who we are as people. We neglect the core and foundational basics. We slip away from our core values and beliefs. Especially in moments of weakness or feel like giving in. Later, we get put into a position and snap when we could of been prepared. Regardless, injuries happen even if you have been working on preventing it, but it will significantly decrease. The core of who we are is crucial to how we advance and stand firm in life. It is our stability and never changing regardless of the circumstances around us. Lifters squat heavy, bench heavy, and sprinters focus more on explosive training. Though, with all that intense training we lose focus and neglect on our core. We neglect to do the basics such as planks, bridges, and simple isometric push-up holds. These lay a foundation that we can build around. A weak center will not allow kinetic linking and energy transfer to move efficiently. Same goes with our daily lives.

        We neglect the core of who we are and we are Child of God. That is the core of who we are, our spirit. The spirit within is always willing to go on, but the body becomes weak. We must make it a priority to get into the Word daily to strengthen our spirit and connection with God. Then we can build upon that foundation and stand firm when trials or temptations come. I no longer have back pain and actually feel stronger than ever now because I focus on my core. Today, do not neglect your core and who you are. Take time to strengthen your core today!

  •    Read daily (in the Word)    
  •    Plank a Day (15secs to 1 min)    

Recommended Core Exercises:

     Planks (modify knees)

     Lateral Plank (Knee gets more hip activation)

     Iso-Bear Crawl Hold

     Isometric Glute Bridge and single leg

     Pikes using physioball or sliders (can use paper plates)

     Physioball Knees to chest and rotation

     Reverse Sit-ups (not regular sit ups)


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It is easy to neglect the basics and foundations, but without a firm foundation we can not live and perform to our fullest potential. Continue to strengthen your core physically, mentally (values), and spiritually (beliefs).

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