May 7, 2023

Warrior Way

Brent Hardy

For those that don’t know I have been working on a book. That is the main reason for less blog posts over the past year. Also, being a new dad has had its challenges with writing. Though, the birth of my son was the main motivator to get the manuscript done! This is what the blog post is about to announce on this blog the future of my upcoming book!

Warrior Way

One day I was going for a run in my old hometown. As I was weaving through the streets, I saw a street sign that made me stop and walk toward it. The street sign said “Warrior Way.” I was inspired and thought deeper on the phrase “Warrior Way.” It made me reflect on what is the warrior way? Is there just one way or many ways? Either way, it drew my attention. Have you ever taken the time to really think about what it means to be a warrior? Why do we seem to be focused on them and their ways of living. What draws our attention to warriors in general?

I took some time to investigate different warrior cultures and their various disciplines, such as the samurai, monks, different militaries, and unique fighting styles in each culture. Each culture has its unique way of being a warrior. So maybe the answer is there are many ways to be a warrior, but a common foundation was evident. A foundation of fighting against evil, but even deeper self-discipline and self-control in oneself. How these warriors don’t fall to certain temptations of the world around them, so they can stay intensely focused on their training. It almost seems they are in a constant state of training. Almost everything they do helps them learn to be a become a better warrior and version of themselves. The movie series Karate Kid demonstrated this kind of teaching to become a warrior with day to day tasks. The fact that cleaning and chores was the form of training for defense. Below are some things I have learned along this journey about warriors.

Learns about Warriors

I believe what attracts us to warriors is their mindset of always training to be better. Really to be just a better version of themselves and master them alone. Secondly, their virtue and character are cemented deep into their heart and souls. It is the very drive that moves them forward, especially in protecting others from harm. I’ve learned a warrior is not concerned about being the strongest. They focus on training to be the strongest they can be and constantly push their own personal limits. I’ve learned it’s about being the smartest, wisest, and calmest as well as confident and poised in battle. The key to knowing when and where to strike or not to strike at all. I’ve learned that your defense is not just avoiding but utilize to wear out your opponent and to move for a counterattack. I’ve learned a warrior is justified for the greater good and not for personal gain or self-glorification. I’ve learned that a warrior is constantly learning about themselves and their opponents but also appreciates life. Not to take someone’s life just because but maybe to give perspective on the beauty of life. Villains take others’ lives to clarify that point. I’ve learned a warrior trains like there is a tomorrow but when a fight is happening fight as if there is no tomorrow (game day) mentality. I’ve learned the greatest aspect of a warrior is their ability to never give up and give in. They never quit and compromise mentally and physically. I’ve learned a warrior also sees the good in another especially their enemy unless their enemy is pure evil and will not subject to a change of heart. A warrior keeps growing and developing and trains others to be a warrior as well. They do not dwell on the past but utilize the past and forgive the past. They are not anxious about the future but are prepared and trained for any circumstance. They are not worried, but completely focused is this moment filled with complete peace, inner peace. The heart of a warrior sets them apart from others. They are defenders of truth, justice, righteousness and good. They are willing to sacrifice themselves for the benefit of another. A warrior fights for others not against others even their enemies in battle in trying to help them redirect the path they took because they were misguided and misled by another. In review, a warrior is humble, gentle, loving, self-controlled, but also fierce, confident, poised, strong, and conditioned. A warrior disciplines themselves and disciples another. A warrior is a master of only themselves and knowing everything about them. They draw out the best of another and help them realize themselves as they do their own self-searching.

Christianity, A Warrior Way?

For my Christian brothers and sisters reading the above paragraph about a warrior maybe revealed some similarities to certain scriptures in the bible. This is what I want to focus on. Have you ever taken the time to think how God wants us to be warriors in this life? Have you ever paused to see God as a warrior? How about seeing Christianity as a warrior way?

I personally believe that Christians are meant to be warriors. The book I have been working on dives deeper into this idea and hopes to have it published in 2024. This blog has been the foundation for the book, so I am extremely thankful for my mom who has always encouraged me to do a blog. The purpose of this book to reveal this topic especially for those who want to dive in deeper such as myself. It will tie in biblical, mental, and physical such as physical fitness and exercise science. It is the culmination of all I have learned so far. Be on the lookout for the book and occasional updates on social media from myself. This book will have lots of scripture pointing to this topic. Overall, my real hope and desire is for people to have a passion to read God’s word more frequently in their daily lives and train to be warriors themselves.


All those individuals who have been praying over the book and physically have been apart in some way. I am so thankful and cannot do it without you. I also want to thank my family and my wife for being extremely supportive as well as motivational to finish strong. This post comes with accountability. I plan to get the book done for all of you. I can easily be my own worst critique and be fearful. Right now, the book needs to go through an editing phrase, so that is the main step. I am also aware there are other books on this topic both from a spiritual perspective and secular. My goal was to combine the both, so this will expose a lot of vulnerabilities of myself to more individuals, but I believe it will help so many people. God bless you all!


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